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GARB (Geologic Attention to Rock Beauty) began as an idea to a geology student in mineralogy class. Montgomery’s professors picked on her because she found great delight in using a compound microscope, not simply to complete lab assignments, but to marvel at rock samples. She would look at different rocks under magnification for hours on end and take pictures of their ornate patterns. Between college classes and intensive research, the idea of creating anything with these images did not become a reality until after her undergraduate degree. As a post-grad, she took a chance and started designing fabrics based on microscopic images. What began as a hobby quickly turned into a handmade accessories line, featuring designs she has curated from thinsections of rock. 

“Every rock has a story- of pressure, heat, and time. I wanted to come up with a way to illustrate this story to folks who know nothing, or everything, about geology.”
-Montgomery “Gumbo” Taylor

The process of creating each piece is one of both concentration and imagination. A lover of art and design, Montgomery found great interest in working with geologic microscope imagery to sculpt her products, specifically optical mineralogy imagery. The bold patterns and interesting designs behind many of the rocks show how they have altered throughout the years. Between studying minute foraminifera and the mineralogic structure of a hydrothermal vent, Montgomery gained experience using SEMs, dissecting microscopes, and compound microscopes. She decided to use some her research images to create detailed designs. These designs she then turns into various fabrics, ranging from Kona cotton to satin. Finally, she crafts her self-designed fabrics into bags and accessories for all to enjoy. Currently, Montgomery works as a Geologist for an environmental company and is working toward earning her Professional Geologist certification in the state of South Carolina. She is dreaming up new patterns and new products always, so stay tuned!



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